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AMTMA History

The Association was established "to promote  and further the interests of its members in manufacturing, engineering,  research, safety, transportation and other problems of the industry. Problems anticipated with conversion to the metric system also prompted the formation of the new unit."

In the beginning...

The American Measuring Tool Manufacturers Association held its organization  meeting in New York City on August 21, 1973.

Founding member firms were Alina Corp., Plainview, L.I.; Bendix Corp. Automation & Measurement Division, Dayton, OH.; Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Co., North  Kingstown, R.I.; Chicago Dial Indicator Co., Des Plaines, Ill.; Glastonbury  Gage, REB. IND., Glastonbury, Conn.; Greenfield Tap & Die Co.,Greenfield, Mass.; Jones & Lamson division, Waterbury Farrel, Springfield, Vt.; MTI Corp., New York City; Pratt & Whitney, Small Tool division, West Hartford, Conn.; Regal Beloit Corp., South Beloit, Ill.: Scherr-Tumico, Inc., St. James, Minn.; J.T. Slocomb Co., South Glastonbury, Mass.; and Van Keuren Co., Watertown, Mass.

The organization's first officers were as follows:

 Thomas Hollis, Jr.
Pratt & Whitney, Small Tool Division

1st Vice President
Joseph Kochhan
Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Co.

2nd Vice President
Rolf Knittel
Glastonbury Gage

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