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AMTMA has two types of members, Regular Members and Associate Members. For many years the Association limited membership to companies that manufactured  measuring tools. After a time it became evident that many allied businesses, such as metrology labs and suppliers of products and services used by AMTMA  members, would gain a great deal by belonging to AMTMA. Also, Regular Members would obtain valuable input by having these companies become part of the Association. Accordingly, in 1988 AMTMA established an Associate Member category. Definitions  of the two classes of membership are as follows:


Regular Members



The Regular Membership of the Association shall consist of such corporations,  firms or individuals who manufacture or cause to be manufactured in North  America measuring tools to their specifications.


Associate Members






The Associate Membership of the Association consists of corporations,  firms or individuals located in North America who market products or provide  services that are closely related, affected, or influenced by the activities,  deliberations, and discussions of the Association and whose products or  services that have a direct bearing on the technological fitness of the products manufactured by our Members. Associate Members enjoy all the rights and priveledges of regular members, except they may not vote or belong to  the board of governors.




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