3900 W. Segerstrom Ave.

P.O. Box 25077

Santa Ana, CA 92799

TELEPHONE: 714-545-0401 or 800-451-6922

FAX: 714-641-0946



 Robert C. Larzelere, President

Customer Service

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Optical Comparators, Video Comparators, Cylindrical Plug Gaging and Alameda Thread Plug and Thread Ring Gages

BRAND NAMES: : Deltronic, Alameda Thread Gages


6633 Polk Street

Houston, TX 77011-4509

TELEPHONE: 713-943-2721

FAX: 713-943-3170



 Gary Deterling, President

 Lori Arredondo, General Manager

DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCTS & SERVICES: We are an Industrial Distributor of: API & Straight Thread Gauges; API Elements Gauges; API Triangle Stamp holders; API Tool Joint to Drill Pipe Alignment Gage; Straight Thread Functional Element Gages; Cold Rolled Thread Burnishing; Coating Thickness Gage; Force Gauges; Hardness Testers (Brinell & Rockwell); Laser Marking Systems; CMM, both Manual & CNC; Form and Vision Systems; Optical Comparators; Surface Finish Instruments

Deterco, Inc. is a ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

BRAND NAMES: : Allen Gauge & Tool Company; CDI Chicago Dial; CJ Winter; Dakota Ultrasonic; Elcometer; Gage maker, L.P.; Sun-Tec Mfg.; King Tester Corporation; Mahr USA; Mitutoyo America; Spectronics;    S-T Industries; Swiss Precision; Renishaw; PI Tape; PMC Mercury; PMC Lone Star; PMC Van Keuren; Vermont Gage; Western Instruments